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    Riscul cardiovascular la femei


    Cardiovascular disease in women, their specific symptoms in presenting myocardial infarction and the Women at Heart initiative have been brought to you in a previous volume of the e-Journal, in 2006. Since, the ESC/EACPR 2007 guidelines have exposed the misleading or incomplete issues regarding this category of risk – being female- in a dedicated a section (1) and among issues raised were:

    • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women appears ten years later than in men. We now know that despite this fact the total number of deaths due to major cardiovascular events in women (55%) is higher than in men (43%).
    • Obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes are more prevalent in middle-aged and elderly women who appear to carry a greater risk of cardiovascular death.
    • Women are at a disadvantage at all stages of evolution of cardiovascular disease.

    Taken together, these findings indicate that the Heart Score and/or other classical charts are not fully suited to quantify risk in women. New tools, whether methods or charts, are needed for better evaluation of women’s specific cardiovascular risk, especially at its early stages.


    Topics: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention – Risk Assessment and Management
    Authors: Calomfirescu NE, Calomfirescu MV
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